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We offer a wide variety of house plans ranging from about 1200 square feet to over 4000 square feet. Our home designs feature traditional exterior elevations with floor plans designed to appeal to contemporary tastes with open living spaces and generous Master suites. Please feel free to browse our plans and we hope you find something you like. If not, check back often - we will be adding new designs all the time.

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Our plans are a smart alternative to designing a house from scratch. Original custom home plans can cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete. Our pre-designed house plans are a fraction of the cost of custom plans and can be delivered in days, not weeks or months.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOUSE PLAN - FREE PLAN MODIFICATION CONSULTATION. Take advantage of our modification services. It makes customizing your home plan easy and affordable. We'll provide you with a free written estimate for your custom home design and complete the plans quickly - usually one to two weeks. For more information see the MODIFICATIONS page. Plans can be modified in any way structurally feasible to make it exactly what you want it to be. Contact us with your proposed changes and we'll determine if your dream house plan can be made a reality - free of charge.
WE ARE THE DESIGNERS. At Southern Heritage Home Designs, we are the designers of our house plans. We are not a plan broker simply re-selling others designs, like so many others. All the house plans shown here are exclusively our own and you won't find them anywhere else. We can answer all your questions and you will work directly with the original designer when customizing your plans. Most of our house plans began as custom designs for individuals or local builders, so they are proven, workable designs, and we know them inside and out.

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House Plan 1392-F Ridgeway F
House Plan 1827-B Taylor B
House Plan 2435-A Barnwell A
House Plan 2995-C Springdale C
House Plan 3420-A Clayton A
House Plan 3789-B Calhoun B
House Plan 4258-E DURHAM E
Duplex 1261 A
House Plan 3014-A The STAFFORD "A"
3014 Square Feet 78'-10" wide by 90'-10" deep 4 bedrooms. 4 1/2 baths 3 Car Garage w/Huge Bonus Large Master Suite.
House Plan 2428-A The SPRINGFIELD A
2428 Square Feet 68'-0" wide by 76'-0" deep 3 Bedrooms/2-1/2 baths, Formal Dining, Optional Study, Bonus Room
House Plan 2094-C - The GASTON "C"
2094 Square Feet 78'-0" wide by 56'-0" deep 3 Bedrooms/2-1/2 baths
Great Open Floor Plan Screened Porch Optional Kitchen Layouts
House Plan 2234-2-B The GREGG B
2234 Square Feet 42'-0" wide by 48'-0" deep 3 Bedrooms/2-1/2 baths Formal Dining, Front and rear Porches, 2 fireplaces
House Plan 2428-B The SPRINGFIELD B
2428 Square Feet 68'-10" wide by 76'-10" deep 3 Bedrooms/2-1/2 baths Formal Dining, Optional Study, Bonus Room
House Plan 2224-B The BIRCHWOOD B
2224 Square Feet 64'-10" wide by 75'-10" deep
3 Bedrooms/2-1/2 baths Formal Dining, Optional Bonus Room

House Plan 2248-B The BRITTON B
2248 Square Feet
75'-0" wide by 55'-6" deep
3 Bedrooms/2-1/2 baths
Formal Dining, Optional Bonus Room