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Home plans, designs, and construction drawings are copyrighted intellectual property and subject to federal copyright law.
Purchase of plans from Southern Heritage Home Designs grants the original purchaser limited license to construct as many
homes from the plans as desired.

Plans may be reproduced by the original purchaser or their contractor as much as needed. However, plans may not be
re-sold or transferred to someone else in any manner.

Plans may be modified by original purchaser as desired. However, designs derived from our plans remain the property of
Southern Heritage Home Designs and may not be re-sold or transferred to someone else in any manner.
Unopened Plans may be returned for refund within 30 days of receipt. Plans are shipped in sealed plastic bags that are tamper-evident. If returned plans have not been opened, a refund can be issued. The prints that we provide are intended to facilitate easy copying, so if the bag appears to have been opened, a refund will not be issued and the plans will be returned to you. Study Sets, CAD files, and Builder's Packages cannot be returned, so be very certain of yourself before placing an order.
We make every reasonable effort to prepare complete, accurate, and error-free home designs and construction drawings. However, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of our work. It is solely the responsibility of the client and/or contractor to review the design and construction drawings and to determine their suitability for your purposes. The designer will not be liable for human error after construction begins. Neither can we warrant that our plans include everything necessary to obtain a building permit in your area, as requirements vary widely from place to place.
The area of each Southern Heritage Home Designs house plan is measured in gross square footage, with modifications for volume. We measure the area at the perimeter of conditioned space from the outside of the sheathing on wood-framed exterior walls. It doesn't matter what the exterior material is - siding, brick, stone, stucco - each plan reflects the size of the house when the framing is complete. Modifications to that gross total include counting two-story volumes only once, and counting stairs only once. Porches, loggias, pergolas, patios, and other such "unconditioned" spaces are not inclued in the total, or are shown as separate numbers.Unfinished spaces (lower levels, garages, attics) are not included.
The type of structural system used in our designs varies depending on the size and complexity of the house. Most of our  designs are structured with a combination of "stick" and truss roof framing. A few are all stick; many are all trussed. Some designs use dimensional lumber while others use engineered lumber. Beams are called out as "LVL" (which stands for "Laminated Veneer Lumber") or "Beam As Required". These members can be sized based on local load requirements by your material supplier.
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