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Found something you like, but need to make a few adjustments? We can help. Contact us with a detailed list of the changes you would like to make. We will review your changes to see if they are workable and prepare a price quote for the completed set of modified plans. If you approve the price quote, a deposit of 50% of the total cost is required to start work with the balance due upon completion of the plans. The total cost for modified plans would be based on the price of the stock plan set plus $65.00 per hour for time spent making the changes. The amount of time required to modify plans can vary widely depending on the changes, and even minor adjustments can impact nearly every sheet in a set of plans.
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IMPORTANT!  Please Read:  Effective 10/25/2014
Modifications can only be made in conjunction with the purchase of a set of construction plans at the time of purchase. We will not modify plans after purchase. Modifying plans after purchase will require the new purchase of an additional set of construction plans in addition to the cost of modifications. If you think you might like to make changes, but aren't sure, please purchase a Study Set of plans for evaluation before purchasing the full construction set.